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CGD awareness; owes its high quality services to the organization operating in various fields in many parts of the world by integrating the advanced and up-to-date techniques it uses with qualified and experienced experts.


Service Scope in Türkiye and 17 Countries


Our Activities in 20+ Sectors


Over 40 Years of Human Resources Experience


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Yavuz Elkin

Denizbank Executive Vice President

"Dear Can Gülkesen, after directing human resources in professional life for many years, contributes to managers and employees from different sectors with his valuable knowledge and experience. Thank you for having the opportunity to benefit from him in matters that require expertise such as recruitment, HR trends and project management. "
Tomoko Yoshimura

Daiichi Sankyo Türkiye Finance Director

"Thank you very much for introducing Ferhat. I'm really grateful that various processes have improved since he joined us. He is active in various departments such as IT, purchasing, and supply chain... Thank you for your continued support."

Erdem Buyukcan

General Manager of Digital Panorama

"I am pleased to work with the esteemed Can Gülkesen and his team, who have this experience and can meet the dynamic and challenging needs of small-scale/start-up companies, but also have this experience. Their solution-oriented approach to both the trainings they provide and the instant needs and situations. We can continue to progress and develop with our company. I would like to thank Mr. Can and his team for being with us in our company's development and growth journey."

Alpaslan Gure

TEKFEN Engineering General Manager

"As Tekfen Engineering, with the structural change decision we have taken, we have initiated efforts to transform our staff into an organization that includes multi-disciplinary engineering staff and capable of performing high-tech and know-how projects. We have seen the great contribution of CGD Consulting and Human Resources.

The most important feature of CGD was that they knew the engineering sector and the real needs of the sector very well. At this point, finding experienced personnel, making preliminary interviews and evaluations and transferring the lists to us was carried out with an extremely fast, disciplined and professional understanding.

At the end of this period, which was carried out with the significant contributions of CGD, Tekfen Engineering

Successfully lays the foundations for organizational change, which can also undertake EPC projects.

with it."

Sami Habbab

Delta Star Group CEO

"We have been working with Can Gülkesen Consulting for several years. We have had a good cooperation, especially in critical senior management positions in recruitment processes. With their customer-oriented approach, we have achieved successful results in both speed and finding the right candidate in recruitment processes. Flexible and solution-oriented. I was pleased with their work. Apart from this, we also benefited from their HR management and organization-oriented opinions and suggestions due to their dominance over HR processes. We are pleased to have been working with them for a long time due to our productive cooperation."



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CGD Consultancy is one of the exceptional firms in Turkey, offering comprehensive technical services in the field of human resources & management as a partner in development and start-up projects with integrated solutions for their customers.

We retain our strength arising from the values that we add to multicultural corporate customers and solidarity between our competent team members. We are proud of performing according to the demands and expectations of customers with flexible, fast and high quality services with agility.   

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