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Our goal is to place professionals who can add value to the business with their technical capabilities, proven leadership skills, intellectual curiosity, drive commitment, liability, and positive attitude. With this approach, we find high-caliber candidates for the companies by using our genuine selection techniques.

Sectors We Serve


Food & Agriculture

Hotel Management

Conventional Energy

Renewable Energy




Digital Technologies

Defense Industry



Why Choose Us?

CGD is preferred by many, thanks to the high-quality services offered to the organizations operating in various industries all around the World through integration of advanced and up-to-date techniques by qualified and experienced experts.

Our client portfolio includes eminent companies in their respective industries on both national and international scale with a network  spanning 17 countries.

Our Work Areas





Human Resources

Supply Chain



Digital Transformation



Executive Recruitment

Manager Selection and Placement:

We have reliable managers and senior employees in our talent network, who are in different organizational functions, with local and multinational management experience and leadership abilities, who will enable your company to achieve its business goals.

Merge and Acquisition:

One of the finance/investment tools that enter the business world is the acquisition of companies through fund companies other than classical derivatives and the implementation of exit plans after a certain maturity period by rehabilitating the organizational structures of these companies and managing them with the target of growth and profitability strategies. In this context, we see that countless companies that we have known as domestic/global brands for years have been purchased by many domestic and foreign fund companies for profit  As CGD, the work we do here is to analyze the HR assets and processes, which we call HR dua diligence, including their legal infrastructure, to report to the buyer company with the strengths and risks of the company in terms of human resources, to determine the role and job descriptions of the key positions and to create new resources for the organizational structure by determining the roles and job descriptions of the key positions after the purchase

Mass Hiring of New Graduates Projects


Mass Hiring is a service provided to clients who need a large number of candidates for a particular project or new business venture. Our service covers all of the human resources activities, including staff recruitment, and a full response that handles service. While we are unique and creative in our approach to candidates, we also make a significant logistical effort to manage large numbers of candidates without affecting the quality of the process. CGD carries out mass hiring projects that will attract the attention of the best graduates in Turkey in order to be the company that candidates most want to work with. The project we present as an example, conducted  with Tekfen Engineering, qualifies the work our teammates have done with students at the Middle East Technical University and Istanbul Technical University campuses for the mass hiring project in Engineering.

Projects are concluded between 5 and 8 months, depending on the scope of responsibilities. CGD is proud to create opportunities for the future careers of young candidates who will step into business life for the first time. Ideal candidates are selected by a board of HR and company representatives through a structured selection process consisting of one-on-one interviews, project presentation, and finally an assessment centre.

Technical and Foreign Resource Development

As CGD, we conduct recruitment projects in construction and industrial facilities in Turkey and 17 other countries. Our services are in the Middle East, Asian countries, North Africa and Europe; consists of power plant, oil storage field, natural gas and oil pipeline, refinery, petro-chemical facilities, superstructures, bridges, highways, subway, airport and Olympic projects.


Sangachal Oil Terminal, Shah Deniz Petroleum Platform, Olympic Complex, Socar Tower

South Korea

Olympic Superstructure Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineers


Power Plant Generation Projects: Maintenance and Commissioning Engineers


Bridge, Peripheral Motorway, City Crossing, Airport


Motorway Project, Sea Port Project, Country Manager, Civil and Structure Design Engineers


FMCG Country Sales Manager, Retail Chain

Saudi Arabia

Petro Chemical Facilities:Erection Managers, Civil, Mechanical

Suudi Arabistan

Petrokimya Tesisleri, Perakende


Refinery Project Process, Piping, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Instrumentation Engineers, Architect


Oil Field Pipeline and Storage facilities, Airport, Natural Gas Plant, Site Manager, Pipeline Engineers, Health and Safety


Piping, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Planing and Project Controls,


Irrigation Project Project Manager, all technical Engineering Persınnel, Project Control Manager, Contracts Manager