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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

CGD is preferred by many, thanks to the high-quality services offered to organizations operating in various industries all around the world through integration of advanced and up-to-date techniques by qualified and experienced experts.

Our client portfolio consists well-known companies in their respective industries on both national and international scale with a network in 18 countries.




Innovative approach & adaptation to change and evolution of the
business dynamics


Primary Vision

Creating value both for
candidates and companies



Excellence that exceeds expectations with a business environment based on trust and respect

Sector-based Solutions

The sectors we provide service include Food, Engineering, Manufacturing, Engineering, Industrial Construction, Conventional Energy, Renewable Energy, Petroleum and Chemistry, Retail Merchandising, FMCG, Banking, Technology, Automotive, Defense Industry, Health, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation and public sectors. Our aim is to provide best quality service for all of our rapidly growing customers from local to international companies, as well as public institutions and newly established & developing companies through mergers and acquisitions.

We derive our strength from the value we add to customers, solidarity among our employees and our know-how stemming from the work we do with our customers of different backgrounds. We are proud to be a flexible, fast moving company under evolving conditions while fulfilling customer demands and expectations in a timely and complete manner.

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