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Payroll, Personnel and Outsourcing Services

Technical Payroll Services

Our technical payroll services had a wide service network in Turkey. It covers the legal and administrative wage management procedures arising from employment contracts. The services provided are managed with the utmost attention to confidentiality, reliability and cost efficiency.

Our customers' wage management systems; We operate with a business model that includes technical payroll, legal SGK transactions and personnel services in parallel with the labor law, in accordance with legal employer-employee relations.

CGD Payroll Workflow

CGD performs the monthly payroll process on behalf of your institution, fulfilling all legal obligations. It enables you to minimize time and personnel costs by undertaking the operational processes, to keep your wage information confidential, to avoid the risks that may arise during the calculation of wages, and to receive consultancy from a staff specialized in human resources. It makes your business life easier with its experience.

Ofis işi

Why Us?

  • Payroll processes are time-consuming, complex and variable in terms of legislation.

  • Being an expert organization to manage the process,

  • Being a stable and reliable solution partner,

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of wage information.

Our Operational Responsibilities

  • Entry of personnel and other work information into the system

  • Payroll preparation process

  • Preparation of any official list and report on allowances, insurance, net pay and payroll

  • Transmitting the payrolls of the personnel to the owners

  • Submission of fee payments to the relevant bank with bank payment list 

  • Follow-up of leave and social payments

  • Preparation of all kinds of periodic declarations and lists that should be submitted to official offices

  • In case of personnel request  Providing SSI information

  • Preparation and approval of employment and exit SGK  statements, calculation of exit compensation

  • Preparation of work certificate and tax base documents to be given to the personnel upon leaving the job

  • Labor budget, seniority, notice, leave burden provisions

  • Preparation of financial statements related to payroll

  • Archiving of payroll data  and backing up 

  • Continuous provision of appropriately qualified specialist personnel

  • Availability of appropriate equipment and equipment

Payroll Process/ Information Flow


System Assurance

CGD Payroll securely stores information processed in the system database.
archives. There are two “Back-up” processes.

  • First, the data stored in Hosting is backed up every 24 hours.

  • Secondly, information is backed up on the company server system every day.


In accordance with the hosting company business recovery procedures
carries out its services.

In addition, the data in the system is regularly archived in soft format.

Fields of Activity of Payroll Services

  • Establishment of employment contract according to local law,

  • Legal recruitment and exit procedures,

  • Keeping legal records and personnel affairs,

  • Preparing payrolls according to variable salary and additional rights information,

  • Informing the bank for payment transactions,

  • Distributing pay slips to employees,

  • Preparation of legal social insurance reports,

  • Preparing legal and periodic reports to the Ministry of Labor,

  • Archiving of legal documents,

  • Preparation of compensation accounts in case of dismissal,

  • Preparation of legal SSI declarations,

  • Preparation of monthly wage management reports, including salary budgets,

  • Giving guidance on the wage levels in force in the country,

  • Archiving payroll data with Data Security procedures,

  • Protection of personal data within the framework of KVK Law.

CGD Payroll Service Network

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