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Onsite Hands on HR Management

By the request of the enterprises, our consultancy provides a service that is carried out with the appointment of an HR specialist from our  staff to the project and is demanded by our customers.

The services provided in this context may cover some or all of the following topics.


  1. Organizational development practices / Competency map

  2. Establishment and implementation of company performance system together with KPIs

  3. Recruitment and orientation services

  4. Fulfillment of educational services

  5. Talent pool applications

  6. Executive Development Program apps 

  7. Assessment Center applications

  8. Fulfillment of personal services

  9. Performing payroll and wage management services

  10. Employee satisfaction and internal customer survey and action plans

  11. Labor law practices

  12. Business blind spot analysis

  13. Corporate culture studies

  14. Employer branding studies

  15. Monthly HR management meetings and reporting

  16. Internal communication processes  

  17. HR Due Diligence

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