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Young Talent Graduate Program

This is a service for clients that require a high number of undergraduates in different majors. It incorporates a full response handling service and the full spectrum of human resources activites involved in the recruitment of personnel. We are innovative and creative in approaching candidates and make a considerable logistical effort to manage a large number of candidates, without prejudice to the quality of the process.CGD undertakes mass new graduate recruitment projects to attrack the best graduates in Turkey for the most desired companies to work for. The project on the previous page is a sample project for engineering students which took place in İstanbul Technical University and Middle East Technical University (Some top universities of Turkey).


1915 Çanakkale Bridge Project

Within the scope of the Parsons & Tekfen Engineering joint venture project, which undertakes engineering, project management, and supervision, the recruitment of chief engineers, engineers, and technical staff in all branches was undertaken exclusively by CGD (Can Gülkeen Danışmanlık), and all 166 technical staff were resourced. developed and provided suitable candidates to its customers. The project took about two years. Within the scope of this project, it is a reality that has been reached as a result of these studies that the engineering staff who received engineering education in Turkey, gained experience in advanced engineering, field, and design applications, and that there are sufficient engineers for the sophisticated art structure project, are developed in the country as a resource.


Automotive Start-Up

Chery, a brand new to the automotive industry in Turkey and operating in over 80 countries, is currently seeking to recruit senior management positions such as General Head Office and Sales Operations, Sales Director, After-Sales Services Director, and directors under these departments, as well as managers in spare parts, warranty, dealership network, product management, IT management, marketing, and PR. Discussions are being held with experienced experts from various brands operating in the retail passenger vehicle market in Turkey. CGD Consulting conducts the recruitment projects and provides the brand with a detailed evaluation report. The communication between the brand and the candidates is managed effectively throughout the process, thanks to CGD Consulting's 15 years of experience and reliable reputation in the industry. As a result, it is easy for candidates to choose the brand, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed at the highest level.


Energy Start-Up

In the renewable energy sector, the necessary structural work and key management staff are employed for the energy company, which we established in Turkey, to expand abroad on the way to becoming a global brand. Then, the transfer of engineer staff will be carried out in Turkey for facility employment management. 


Genetic Engineering Studies

The start-up studies of the company that produces genetic and animal health products are carried out by us.


Waste Management Start-Up

All processes of the start-up to be established for the project of transforming the wastes collected from the retail  chains operating throughout Turkey into energy are managed.

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