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Executive Management Recruitment 

With its international business and management experience, CGD provides selection and placement services for General Manager - C Level positions and Line Management positions in almost all sectors. We also recruit Expat for similar roles in overseas projects. 

Our goal is to position professionals who can add value to the business with their technical capabilities, proven leadership skills, intellectual curiosity, drive commitment, liability, and positive attitude. With this approach, we find high-caliber candidates for the companies by using our genuine selection techniques.

We have reliable managers and senior employees in our talent network, who are in different organizational functions, with local and multinational management experience and leadership skills, who will enable your company to achieve its business goals.

Muhasebeci İş Başında

Roles Worked

Sales, marketing, human resources, finance, computing, technology, maintenance, factory management, R&D, quality, supply chain, product management, customer management, health management, creative management

Industry Experience

FMCG, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail, merchandising, automotive, tourism and hotel management, manufacturing facilities, defense industry, agriculture, fertilizer, genetic biochemistry

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