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Employee Engagement Survey Consultancy

What is Employee Satisfaction and How Does It Reveal?

The number of qualified personnel in our country is decreasing due to various reasons and therefore the demands of companies for qualified personnel are increasing. For this reason, companies that value human resources use various methods to retain their employees. So what could these methods be? When considering the factors that keep employees in a company, the first thing that comes to mind is the satisfaction of the salary received. But does this always apply? Of course, the fact that the salary of the employees is sufficient to maintain their lives and make a living determines that they continue to work in that company. However, beyond the salary, the most important factor that enables the employee to continue working in a workplace is satisfaction and happiness. If an employee feels valued, appreciated, whose needs are cared for and met, in short, he/she completely belongs there, this is where the employee's loyalty and commitment to the workplace begins.

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What is the Importance of Employee Satisfaction for Companies?

An employee who is satisfied with his job, feels himself and valuable, will fulfill his responsibilities at work with his internal motivation. Thus, the productivity of the company increases. In addition, a happy employee evaluates the opportunities for advancement in his career by staying in his current company instead of looking for other jobs. Thus, the circulation in the company will decrease and the qualified employee who has been trained in the company's culture can be evaluated at higher levels. It is inevitable that the employee, who is both efficient and has a working culture, will increase the profitability of the company and ensure its growth.

How is Employee Satisfaction Measured?

The most effective method of measuring employee satisfaction is to use a professionally prepared “Employee Engagement Survey” within the framework of important criteria. The Employee Engagement Survey is administered once or twice a year. It is implemented anonymously to protect confidentiality, remove bias, and allow the employee to freely answer questions. Questions are created according to quantitative measurement, but open-ended questions can be added when desired, leaving room for employees to add.

This questionnaire should be shaped with questions asked to address the following topics:

  • Management and leadership approach

  • work culture

  • Internal communication quality

  • Training and development opportunities

  • career opportunities

  • Salary and fringe benefits

  • Performance management and rewarding


Benefits of Employee Engagement Surveys

Thanks to the Employee Engagement Survey, companies gain the opportunity to improve their shortcomings by gaining insight on the following topics:

  • Employee motivation and well-being

  • Employee performance and productivity

  • Parallelism of company culture and goals with those of employees

  • Internal turnover rate and reasons for circulation


The obtained data are numerical and very easy to analyze. As a result of the analysis, it reveals the strengths and aspects of the company that need to be developed and makes them workable. In addition, the application of the survey positively affects the perspective of the employees, making them feel valued and increasing their loyalty.


How Can You Use the Employee Engagement Survey in Your Company?

CGD Human Resources and Consultancy provides professional support for the preparation, implementation and analysis of the Employee Engagement Survey. Thanks to the professional service provided by CGD Human Resources and Consultancy, you can gain valuable insights about the ways to have happy employees. By recognizing your aspects that are open to improvement, you can have the opportunity to work on them and ensure that the qualified employees you have invested in prefer to work in your company. Thus, you can increase the efficiency and profitability of your company and ensure that your company grows in a healthy way.

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