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The Biggest Problem of Our Time: Time Management

Time management is a method for efficiently doing daily activities and tasks, achieving goals and effectively using time. Time management helps people make their time more productive, reduce wasted time and work more efficiently.

It involves various factors, such as organizing daily activities according to a specific plan or program, prioritizing and effectively using time. Time management techniques help people do more work, be less stressed, and spend more time in enjoyable activities.

Time is one of the most valuable resources in our lives and if not managed properly, it cannot allow for a productive and satisfying life. Time management is a process that includes using time effectively and efficiently to reach specific goals.

Although it is expected that time management will become easier with the rapid development of technology in today's world, technology is also one of the leading factors blocking this progress. Technological tools such as the internet and cell phones can take up a lot of time in daily life and distract us. However, technological tools that provide constant availability increase the expectation of being reachable at any time, making time management more difficult. Multiple tasks also make time management more difficult. There may be many tasks and responsibilities in both work and personal life, which can prevent us from dividing time equally. In addition to these, there are many other factors:

  • Tendency to be distracted: Factors such as technological tools such as the internet, social media, and phones or the environment can affect and distract our time.

  • Over-planning: Trying to plan every moment of time can cause stress and tension and can prevent proper time management.

  • Doing too much good: Trying to comply with the needs and requests of others can prevent us from managing our own time.

  • Inability to focus: The tendency to work on multiple tasks or projects at the same time can prevent us from managing our time properly.

To improve time management, we can try ways such as focusing on ourselves and our needs, prioritizing ourselves instead of complying with the needs of others, and regularly planning our time.

Time Management Techniques:

  • Prioritization: The individual must prioritize their daily tasks.

  • Making a To-Do list: The individual should record their daily tasks in writing and focus on completing these tasks.

  • Determining time slots: The individual should determine specific time slots for completing their daily tasks.

  • Reducing distraction risk: The individual must reduce the risk of distraction in order to focus on completing their daily tasks.

Benefits of Time Management:

  • Increased productivity: Time management allows the individual to use their time effectively and efficiently towards reaching a specific goal.

  • Decreased stress: Time management offers opportunities for a more peaceful life by reducing stress in work or daily life.

  • Time-saving: Time management enables the individual to complete a specific task in a shorter amount of time.


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