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Talent Pool Management

Assessment Center and Talent Pool Applications

As CGD, we aim to increase workforce competence in line with business objectives with these practices. We implement our assessment center service for the development and alignment of personnel in terms of competence. We train determined talents for a higher position and wider responsibilities by taking them into a special training program.


We determine and report the suitability of white-collar personnel at all levels with the assessment center technique. We prevent business management and operational flow risks by doing technical work on weaknesses and strengths.


According to the results of the assessment center, we ensure that the personnel are assigned to different tasks, if needed.

Talent Pool

What the company wants to see in the management levels in the future; Within the scope of this program, we aim to improve the managerial skills and leadership competencies of the personnel who stand out with their work, reassuring behaviors and successes in the Talent Pool.  This work can be done at mixed levels as well as a separate grouping for each level. . 

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